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R.I.P. Danny Steinmann


Our brothers in blood have posted that Danny Steinmann, director of Savage Streets, Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning and The Unseen, has passed on. Reports on The Latarnia Forums popped up a few days ago and I had yet to see a confirmation. This is a very sad day for me as he was a director that I don’t think got the respect deserved to him. Cause of death is undetermined at this time.

I previously met the man at the spring show of Cinema Wasteland 2009 and honestly, he was involved in one of my favorite memories of Wasteland. My friends and many attendees of the convention huddled into a room to watch what many think is the worst entry in the Friday the 13th series. I never felt this way towards the film but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot of fun with itself either. My friends and I sat back, drank Jameson and beer and just had one of the best times of our convention experience as Steinmann and Felsher did a running commentary over Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning. I was rolling on the floor. Steinmann came across as a working director but knew that he put all of these odd things into this film as a laugh.

Not to mention that Steinmann directed one of my favorite 80’s revenge films in Savage Streets. I love the film. It is unapologetic and reflective of 80’s culture and Linda Blair pretty much kicks ass. When we showed the film for Late Nite Grindhouse back in 2011, a majority of attendees had never seen the film before but they walked out loving it.

What Steinmann brought to all of his films was a sense of sleazy fun> While that may feel like a harsh thing to say in light of this news, I think otherwise. It is what made his voice unique. Sure, he could have made another standard entry in an iconic series or even done a sub-par rape/revenge film to cash in on the craze. However, his contribution was lighthearted with tongues firmly planted in cheeks.

I hope that you will give A New Beginning or Savage Streets a spin if you have it and if not, you should at least purchase Savage Streets as it was just re-released. We have provided the link below so you can correct the error.

Rest in Peace Danny.


Savage Streets (2 disc remastered edition) (DVD)

Director: Danny Steinmann
Starring: Linda Blair, John Vernon, Robert Dryer, Linnea Qyigley, Johnny Vencour
Rating: R (Restricted)

They raped her sister… killed her best friend. Now she must seek revenge!

Linda Blair is Brenda, vivacious leader of the Satins, a fun-loving group of pretty high school girls. The Satins are in for trouble from the first moment theyplay a harmless trick on the Scars — a vicious gang who runs loose on the Hollywood streets. The Scars and their malevolent leader, Jake, take their revenge seriously — first with Brenda’s deaf-mute sister (Linnea Quigley, Return Of The Living Dead), and then her soon-to-be-married best friend.
List Price: $24.95 USD
New From: $17.89 USD In Stock
Used from: $17.52 USD In Stock


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Andy Triefenbach is the Editor-in-Chief and owner of In addition to his role on the site, he also programs St. Louis' monthly horror & exploitation theatrical midnight program, Late Nite Grindhouse. Coming from a household of a sci-fi father and a horror/supernatural loving mother, Andy's path to loving genre film was clear. He misses VHS and his personal Saturday night 6 tape movie marathons from his youth.
  • SatinsandScars

    Danny Steinmann was a great director and was the first to sign my Savage Streets Vinyl Soundtrack LP at MonsterMania in June 2011 in Baltimore. It was meeting him that inspired the Savage Streets reunion that happened at Monsterpalooza on April 13, 2012. Robert Dryer, Sal Landi, Scott Mayer, Johnny Venokur, Ina Romeo, Mitch Carter, Bob DeSimone, Carole Ita White, Linnea Quigley, and the original writer Norman Yonemoto were all there to talk about Danny and this great film they were able to make with him! There will be more reunions booked across the US and Canada in 2013, so if you see a Scar/Satin/or me(Rich Clement) please come over and share your thoughts about Danny Steinmann…..Director/Actor/Friend!!!