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By Sarah Skidmore, November 4, 2014 0 DVD/Blu-Ray Releases, Home Invasion

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’ve run out of new releases to share with you. Here are the new releases for November 4th, 2014.   ZergNet

By Chris Melkus, October 31, 2014 1 A Brew To A Kill, Columns

Welcome to a Halloween special gues column of A Brew To A Kill, hosted by myself, Christopher Melkus, in collaboration with Jeremy. Let me just give a heart-felt thank you to Jeremy for letting me take over his beloved column this… Read More »

By Jeremy Jones, October 31, 2014 0 A Brew To A Kill, Columns

In the fall a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of Horror. The air is crisp. Days become shorter. And nights get longer. And it all culminates in one night, Halloween. But there seems to be a real lack of… Read More »

By Mike Hassler, October 30, 2014 2

Should you buy the ticket to see NIGHTCRAWLER after you made the money to buy it?

By Andy Triefenbach, October 30, 2014 0 Trailers

If you have even just a pinky toe in the horror community, you have probably heard about a film called Starry Eyes. Premiering earlier this year at SXSW and other festivals, Starry Eyes has garnered a lot of praise for… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, October 29, 2014 0 Late Nite Grindhouse

Late Nite Grindhouse presents SHOCK WAVES at the Hi-Pointe Theatre in St. Louis, MO on November 14th & 15th!

By Sarah Skidmore, October 28, 2014 0 DVD/Blu-Ray Announcements, DVD/Blu-Ray Releases, Home Invasion

Okay Ghouls and Gremlins! It’s nearly Halloween so it’s time to stock up on some flesh-tingling flicks to make your Samhain extra spooky. Here are your Blu-ray releases for Tuesday the 28th:   ZergNet

By Andy Triefenbach, October 27, 2014 0 Movie News

If you want to win this lottery, you have to enter the contest to get a ticket!

By Andy Triefenbach, October 27, 2014 0 Trailers

Being a fan of Jim Mickle’s work (Mulberry Street, Stake Land and, most recently, Cold in July), it’s hard not to dig Nick Damici as well. I also have a weakness for werewolf flicks so this latest film, Late Phases, sounds right… Read More »

By Chris Melkus, October 24, 2014 0 Comic Execution, Comics

ONE WEEK. SEVEN DAYS. My plans for the next seven days are, if I must say, pretty epic. First off, I’m going to be doing a special column for Destroy The Brain, in which I finally watch and review Halloween III and Halloween… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, October 24, 2014 0

This review was originally published during our Fantastic Fest 2014 Coverage. We are republishing it since John Wick is in… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, October 24, 2014 0

Does Andy say “Yes” or “No” to the question “Should I see Ouija (since it is the only new theatrical horror film for Halloween)?”

By Mike Hassler, October 23, 2014 0

“Picture this: The Evil Dead meets The CW,” is how I imagine the pitch for this went.  Co-written and directed… Read More »

By Cherry Bombed, October 23, 2014 0

The Movie Originally released in 1981, Dead Kids (released in the US as “Strange Behavior”), can now be seen in… Read More »

By Mike Hassler, October 23, 2014 0 Fantastic Fest 2014

My first journey to Austin, TX and the geek holy land of Fantastic Fest was a whirlwind. Book ended with exhausting, 14 hour drives, the trip as a whole was just mind blowing, inspiring, and so much fun. Bonding with… Read More »