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By Mike Hassler, September 19, 2014 0

Mike gives us his ABCs of Death 2 review from Fantastic Fest 2014!

By Mike Hassler, September 19, 2014 0

Fantastic Fest 2014 Coverage starts….NOW! Mike takes a look at the cloning baby film, CLOSER TO GOD.

By Quinn Faerber, September 19, 2014 0

Alright, we’re in the home stretch. This is episode ten out of thirteen, where most shows start to focus on… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, September 18, 2014 0

Does Andy say #WalrusYes or #WalrusNo to the WTFuckery of TUSK?

By Andy Triefenbach, September 18, 2014 0 Ticket Giveaway

Hey fiends! We have some Run-Of-Engagement passes to giveaway for Kevin Smith’s Tusk. That’s right, he’s gone and done a horror flick and we are going to pick 5 winners at random to see the film starting this Monday at… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, September 16, 2014 0

Andy Triefenbach reviews the Leigh Janiak film HONEYMOON starring Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway.

By Chris Melkus, September 15, 2014 0 Comic Execution, Comics

Why, Dark Horse Comics? Why must you insist on being so stubbornly resistant to inevitable shifts in the comic book industry? Let’s talk about how difficult it is to buy a digital book from you. First, instead of opting to… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, September 14, 2014 0

Andy fires up the Blu-Ray player for the iconic Canadian horror flick, PROM NIGHT starring Jamie Lee Curtis!

By Andy Triefenbach, September 14, 2014 0

Andy finally reviews Scream Factory’s release of GINGER SNAPS! Also, is it worth the upgrade from the Canadian TVA Films release?

By Chris Melkus, September 12, 2014 0 ,

“Craig Safan, working almost entirely from synths, meticulously fashions a rich, weird tapestry of fright and phantasmagoria that rarely stumbles.”

By Cherry Bombed, September 10, 2014 0

Crank it up & Sludge On!

By Mike Hassler, September 9, 2014 0

See larger image Crawl Or Die (DVD) Director: Oklahoma Ward Starring: Nicole Alonso, Torey Byrne, Tommy Ball Rating: Unrated List… Read More »

By Quinn Faerber, September 9, 2014 0

After last week’s incredibly thrilling and intense hour, I kind of anticipated this week to be a bit of a… Read More »

By Chris Melkus, September 5, 2014 0 Comic Execution, Comics

I’ve turned over a new leaf. You see, I passed up an opportunity this week. I could’ve reviewed the much anticipated GRENDEL VS THE SHADOW crossover and passed up on either ALICE COOPER or the new SILENT HILL comic, even… Read More »

By Mike Hassler, September 2, 2014 0

Does Mike find gold at the end of the rainbow?