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Troma’s ‘FATHER’S DAY’ Release Stripped of Extras!?


I was alerted last night by a tweet from @BradFHenderson (thanks to Twitch’s J Hurtado) that the upcoming release of the Troma/Astron-6 release of Father’s Day was going to be missing tons of extras that justified the $25 USD asking price on Amazon. I have yet to see the film but I hear it is tons of fun. Let me explain what was supposed to be included.

Father’s Day 3-Disc Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Set


  • Blu-Ray disc of Father’s Day
  • Director’s Commentary
  • Behind the Scenes
  • 1 hour (maybe more) of a Making of Documentary


  • DVD disc of Father’s Day
  • Director’s Commentary
  • Behind the Scenes
  • 1 hour (maybe more) of a Making of Documentary


    • CD Soundtrack of the film

Now, the Director’s Commentary and the, from what I’m being told, feature-length Making of Documentary are being pulled as well as the third disc – the Soundtrack. When you add all that up you are only getting a 2-disc set with one special feature on each format. I don’t think that hardly justifies the $25 as a consumer. I’m not a fan of posting these types of posts but I think it is pretty crappy of Troma to be doing this with less than a month before the release and with that timeline it makes me think that they never planned on releasing it in the first place. The actual replication/duplication and packaging takes about a month to produce which is why I believe this wasn’t a last minute decision.

Troma is at the heart of independent horror and subversive cinema but this move is not helping their connection with their consumers & fans. The absence of the third disc and extra features hasn’t even been properly announced. Father’s Day was produced by Troma which means Troma didn’t just pick it up to distribute, they were the producers. No third company was involved and knowing the Astron 6 work ethic, this extra material which is reportedly excised from the final release is available at, what I believe, would be no extra cost to Troma other than the manufacturing of the third disc, the soundtrack.

While I think nixing the extras is what pisses me off more because the only question about including them is possibly going from single-layer to dual layer Blu-Ray Discs, which I’m sure costs a bit more. I know many people really wanted that soundtrack. Troma, do a solid and release it digitally either through iTunes or some other hosting venue.

Ever since this blew up last night on Twitter, Troma still hasn’t released a statement/announced the changes. I know I’m cancelling my pre-order until this is all sorted out.


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Andy Triefenbach is the Editor-in-Chief and owner of In addition to his role on the site, he also programs St. Louis' monthly horror & exploitation theatrical midnight program, Late Nite Grindhouse. Coming from a household of a sci-fi father and a horror/supernatural loving mother, Andy's path to loving genre film was clear. He misses VHS and his personal Saturday night 6 tape movie marathons from his youth.
  • Man in Black

    Boycott Troma. This is not how you treat indie filmmakers!
    You don’t bootleg movies! You don’t fuck over Astron-6!

  • Ttv Troma

    We are releasing a 4 disc bluray /dvd/cd set
    includes soundtrack of 7 songs
    it will have over 70min of extras including footage from the premieres in Austin/NY/LA
    behind the scenes/deleted scenes/special effects featurettes

    also including Astron-6 shirt films, troma trailers, intro by Lloyd and more