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Simon Barrett Tweets a Small Update on ‘YOU’RE NEXT’


I have to admit that I was getting a little worried about the release for You’re Next.  Lionsgate has done little to subside these fears by not releasing a single thing so far this year in regards to the film.  Aside from a few stills that popped up in late 2011, not a poster, a single new image, or teaser has invaded the web for the upcoming home-invasion film.  Last we heard in regards to the film is that a short time prior to its premiere at Fantastic Fest last year – which you can read Andy’s glowing review of the film from the fest by clicking HERE - Lionsgate picked it up for distribution with a tentative fall 2012 release.  Considering Lionsgate was the studio behind the horror genre-bender, Cabin in the Woods, I fully expected at least a teaser to play in front of that film to get audiences acquainted with another film that seems to defy horror expectations.  You’re Next is a home-invasion film that’s aware it’s a home invasion film.  It’s a horror comedy that actually takes the horror elements EXTREMELY seriously.  Trust us when we tell you, it will in all likelihood be the horror film that you will continue to watch on repeat with your friends at midnight showings ten years from now.  It’s quite funny actually that you have two films in one year that seem to coexist as love letters to the fans who have grown up watching the same films over the years.

Like I said, I was beginning to worry if the film was going to even see the light of day this year.  Thankfully the film’s writer, Simon Barrett has put my fears to rest.  Barret recently wrote this on Twitter followed by the picture of director Adam Wingard (A Horrible Way to Die) which you can see below:


YOU’RE NEXT EPK shooting with @AdamWingard.


Beneath the post, Barrett was asked if the film has an official release date yet.  He responded with, “Not just yet. Hopefully will know soon.” For those unfamiliar with the term EPK, it’s an abbreviation for Electronic Press Kit and usually exists as interviews with the cast and crew that can be used for promotional purposes, behind-the-scenes interviews, or extras on DVD/Blu-ray.

Like the title of this article says, it’s certainly not a huge update.  At least this gives me hope though that the film will get released sometime soon.  Trust us when we say, this will be a film you will want to see.  And if you are from Destroy the Brain’s home state of Missouri, you might be surprised to know that the movie filmed around the outskirts of Columbia, MO.  Just another added bonus to a solid thriller.  Be warned though: a certain Dwight Twilley Band song will be stuck in your head for months after seeing the movie.


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