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Amid a flurry of black birds, the three leads to the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman emerge on this new poster.  I never would have thought a re-imagining of a children’s fairy tale would be one of my most anticipated summer movies of the year.  Then again this doesn’t have quite the same feel as the animated Disney film many have grown up with over the years.  The marketing campaign for this more action, adventure heavy take on the material has been nothing but eye-catching from the beginning.  Not to mention seeing Charlize Theron play the dark role of the evil queen has gotten me thrilled to see her in action.  Add in two of today’s young and popular stars – Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart and Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth – and you have an exciting  film that seems to appeal to many different age groups.  The new poster combines a lot of imagery from previous stills and posters but still comes across as fresh and exciting.  I’m curious to see if this film happens to live up to the expectations many of us have set for the film.  Snow White and the Huntsman opens in theaters on June 1.



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Somewhere between growing up on a steady diet of Saturday morning trips to the local comic-book shop, collecting an unhealthy amount of action figures, and frequent viewings of Ray Harryhausen and Hammer Horror films, came forth a nerdy boy that was torn between journalism and the arts. In high school, Michael found himself writing a movie column for the school newspaper. Yet, he went on to get a BFA in Studio Art at Webster University. When not writing about films, you can still find him discussing classic horror, collecting action figures, and reading Batman. Clearly, not much has changed.