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Has a Trailer Synopsis Emerged for Tim Burton’s ‘DARK SHADOWS’?


I think it’s fair to say that there is a little bit of fear in the air surrounding Tim Burton’s upcoming Dark Shadows.  This fear does not stem from the ghastly sight of vampire Barnabus Collins; though that debate does rage on regarding the art department’s choice of make-up design.  However this fear does come from the fact that NOT ONE single teaser trailer or clip has been released as of yet from the film which is set to come out on May 11.  This is almost somewhat unheard of in Hollywood.  Months are typically devoted to marketing a film to raise the hype meter and to gather a fanbase who is familiar with the story, characters, and look of a film.  Given the absence of footage from what is clearly an anticipated film for our readers and Tim Burton fans around the world, it brings me some relief to know that the teaser trailer might be around the corner.  And this isn’t just a few quick snippets of action and a fancy logo.  According to an IMDB member called Audie Rules that Comic Book Movie discovered, a trailer was shown to him in the form of a survey to get feedback for the film.  Obviously all of this comes with some degree of questionability since there is no way to prove the legitimacy of this man’s story.  But after reading his description (which does include numerous grammatical errors – Sorry), it seems that he really did see a form of the trailer that might be heading to theaters very soon complete with a background song that seems most fitting.  Read below.

You get to see everyone especially Chloe who reminds me of Lydia from Bettlejuice without the goth look. Eva looks sexy in her green corset but she also has jokes. You see Jonny Lee Miller a couple of times and I thought it was a Woody Harrelson lookalike. Jackie Earle Haley looks exactly what I expected and he should make us laugh but his character is suppose to. The trailer shows a lot of cast members.

And I know he’s a fan but he doesn’t remind me of the TV Barnabas at all, he’s more like George Hamilton from Love at First Bite. I really wish I was lying and that I was making this up but unfortunately I’m not. To prove I’m not lying you will hear the song “People are Strange” when you see the trailer.

There is another joke where Barnabas is at the dinner table with Collins family and mentions that he wants to restart the family business(you then see a clip of a assemble line factory) and he ask the family to get the horses. Elizabeth (Pheiffer)replies, Horses? We don’t have horses we have Chevy’s. This was one of several jokes referring to him being in 1972.

I saw this in the trailer and he asks her, “What did I ever see in you” and she rips off her shirt to reveal a sexy green corset and her big boobs and he replies “Oh, now I remember.”

He does have fangs and he is strong, actually you see him really strong at one point of the trailer where he shouldn’t have any strength at all. I can see a debate coming.

It was actually a pretty finished cut. More stuff I remembered is a crane hitting the coffin and a construction worker yelling “we found something”, you then see something of an explosion or magic powers coming from the casket(I just realized that coffin and casket are the same thing, hahaha), a construction worker being dragged into the casket, Barnabas wandering around the town in awe of department store windows, Willie telling Barnabas that it’s 1972 and Barnabas saying 1972 in a weird, shocking, and funny way. He meet the Collins family and tells them he’s a distant relative, Lydia [Carolyn] makes a teenager wisecrack, in one scene Angelique greets him with a passionate kiss, you see Helena Carter but I couldn’t make out what she said.


I remind you, to treat this as a rumor, even though it really seems that this story might actually be legit.  Hopefully all of our fears regarding the film will be rest assured after seeing the trailer in person.  Wrath of the Titans is the next big film for Warner Bros. to come out in theaters.  Maybe at the very least, we will get the Dark Shadows trailer on March 30 when that gets released.

Dark Shadows gets released on May 11


Source: Comic Book Movie


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Somewhere between growing up on a steady diet of Saturday morning trips to the local comic-book shop, collecting an unhealthy amount of action figures, and frequent viewings of Ray Harryhausen and Hammer Horror films, came forth a nerdy boy that was torn between journalism and the arts. In high school, Michael found himself writing a movie column for the school newspaper. Yet, he went on to get a BFA in Studio Art at Webster University. When not writing about films, you can still find him discussing classic horror, collecting action figures, and reading Batman. Clearly, not much has changed.
  • nitwin

    While some tongue-in-cheek stuff is appropriate, I do hope they do not go off the deep end and turn this into a satire of the original show. This is Dark Shadows; save the stupid/silly stuff for teen vampire TV shows.

    The original cast played their roles “straight” and had agreed to do so back in the day when things easily could have gone off into joking and silliness. I do not mind a different take on things, but hope I will not be walking into a full-fledged comedy. Keep it mostly horror.

    Oh, three things are a MUST for this film:

    1) Jonathan Frid needs to put on the fangs one last time as the 200 year old age-accelerated version of Barnabas (i.e.,when Dr. Hoffman’s serum fails him.)

    2) In the end credits, they should have a film crewman accidentally walk onto the screen and freeze, like a deer caught in headlights, before stumbling offscreen. (This alludes to the production gaffes of the original series and it not too over the top; DS fans will appreciate this and will likely be the only ones sitting through the full credits anyway.)

    3) Have one longtime DS fan, not an actor, just a fan as an extra in some scene. Perhaps sitting in a tavern with a DS convention button on his or her shirt; something in the background that DS fans will pick up and appreciate. After all, this series has meant so much to the fans for over 40 years, that they deserve some representation in the final film.

    Thanks to Burton and Depp for bringing Dark Shadows back to us.

  • Carl Daigrepont

    So many members of the cast and crew have commented how funny the script was. like that makes it a great movie.
    No, it’s Tim and Depp dragging their high school boy’s obsession with jokes and goofiness into what was a rather eerie TV show and a gory and frightening movie.
    They’re still working on the film, maybe somebody from the crew is reading this:
    We’ve ALL laughed and had fun with “DARK SHADOWS”, but don’t go overboard with the jokes…it will RUIN that elusive “vibe” that you all were trying to discover…
    What IS the “vibe”.
    It’s simple…”Shadows” played 5 days a week when it started.
    It became secondary only to daily life…school, work.
    But 5 days a week we were taken away to a strange place, where the supernatural actually existed.
    it was so detailed and acted with such conviction, we BELIEVED that a house that large, in a town that creepy could hide all kinds of dark secrets.
    And it DID!

  • Giokane69

    I too have seen the trailer through a research panel that is done to get feedback on the trailer and whether you would see the movie or not based on what you saw. Yes, it is a NEW Dark Shadows! It is very similar with how Star Trek had its reboot in 2009.
    I think if your are fan you will enjoy it. If you are too ATTACHED to the original, you may not. I know I REALLY liked what I saw!


    I assumed that they would premiere the trailer as a comercial during the oscar telecast. I don’t place much faith in this psuedonymous person’s description. For me it did not ring true. This remains the film I am most looking forward to this year; and I think that the images that have emerged so far are both beautiful and properly humorous. For me, it’s a good sign that they are doing things differently on this film.