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Coscarelli Might Actually Be Moving Forward With ‘PHANTASM 5′ After All


It’s been fourteen years since Don Coscarelli last entered the mulit-dimension universe of flying spiked spheres, dwarves, and the Tall Man.  Over the years, the Phantasm series has garnered a huge underground following among the horror community.  Coscarelli may not be as spoken about as such directors as Romero or Carpenter, but he is certainly a legend in the horror community and one whose film projects continue to invigorate fans and critics alike.  When was the last time you could say that about the other two directors I just mentioned?  While making the rounds for his next film, the bizarre, drug fueled horror comedy John Dies At The End, Coscarelli sat down with Bloody-Disgusting to discuss his new film and address the rumors of a fifth film starring the incomparable Angus Scrimm.  It sounds like the possibility of Phantasm V is now greater than ever.  Rumors have always been flying around like those killer metallic balls but not much evidence was behind them.  Read below to see what Coscarelli has to say about the future of the franchise.

There’s been a lot of speculation for a lot of time. When I made ‘Phantasm 4′ I really saw it as an end. And it really was an ending of that portion. But I will tell you that I get so many questions about ‘Phantasm 5′. And no one’s talking about remakes! They want a ‘Phantasm 5′ with the original actors. All of the actors are in great shape, Angus [Scrimm] does an excellent job in ‘John.’ And I used to just dismiss the idea of ‘Phantasm 5′, but now I have to take it a little more seriously. There is a rabid fan base that will not be denied! So once I get done with this publicity thing I have to find a way to satisfy that demand!


Well, sir . . . the demand is here. Nothing would make me happier than to see him return to the series.  I certainly loved Bubba Ho-Tep,  the only other feature he has made since 1998’s Phantasm IV: Oblivion, but I would much rather see another Phantasm film than the other rumored sequel, Bubba Nosferatu.  More importantly, I would love to know the direction he would take the next film.  If you have any theories to where the Phantasm series will go from here, leave them in the comments below.


Source: Bloody-Disgusting


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Somewhere between growing up on a steady diet of Saturday morning trips to the local comic-book shop, collecting an unhealthy amount of action figures, and frequent viewings of Ray Harryhausen and Hammer Horror films, came forth a nerdy boy that was torn between journalism and the arts. In high school, Michael found himself writing a movie column for the school newspaper. Yet, he went on to get a BFA in Studio Art at Webster University. When not writing about films, you can still find him discussing classic horror, collecting action figures, and reading Batman. Clearly, not much has changed.
  • Kage Alan

    The Phantasm films have been a wild ride, but one that has diminished a bit with each release. The first one scared the hell out of me while the others have never managed to capture the intensity and feel of the first. I’m not talking story-wise, but intensity. Phantasm 4 was not an end. It wasn’t even an anti-end. At this point and with a potential 5th in the series, we need something we can sink our teeth into that brings things full circle, resolves them one way or the other and leaves us scared to walk into a funeral home. I’m hoping something like that can be delivered. After the last couple of entries, though, I have my doubts.

    • Michael Haffner

      I enjoyed the fun, bat-shit crazy feel of the second entry. In fact, I would say it’s one of the most underrated horror sequels. However, I would like if he made a more stripped down and scary sequel next that maybe toned back a little bit some of the supernatural elements.


    Make the movie!!!!!!!