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Home Invasion: DVD & Blu-Ray Releases for January 10, 2012


Well, this week is kind of a wash when it comes to the home entertainment shelves. While there are some releases that might interest you, this is one of barest weeks yet….then again, we are only in the second week of 2012. There are a few Mill Creek releases, including a Spaghetti Western collection and even a Synapse Films release!

All descriptions are from unless otherwise noted. We have included buttons for you to order that product which not only makes it easy on you but also helps us pay the bills around here.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


The greatest mysteries of the world’s most recognized sleuth!

The legacy of the investigative mastermind Sherlock Holmes has transcended through three centuries and appeared in books, television series, films and so much more. This deluxe 4 DVD collection includes 4 feature films and the entire 39 episode American television series featuring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s master sleuth in some of his greatest mysteries and adventures.



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A Darker Reality


A group of women wake up in a cold cement basement. Drugged and terrified they find themselves captive to a depraved psychopath whose blood-lust and insanity knows no bounds. Police Detective Balasco and psychiatrist Dr. Metcalfe team up in a desperate attempt to locate the girls and their soon to be murderer a serial killer known as Ghost. But time is running out as Ghost s sick experiments begin to leave the girls tortured beyond recognition. To survive, the girls must band together in a last attempt to save themselves from a fate far worse than death.

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Death Bell-Bloody Camp


Director Yu Seon-Dong presents another Battle Royale style tale of young students and brutal killing! After the school swim star is found murdered, Cha Se-hui and her elite summer session class find themselves locked in the school with an ultimatum: find the murderer among you, or everyone dies. Their only clue is a message scrawled on the blackboard. When an innocent mother is killed, what son would not avenge her death?

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Doctor Who: The Android Invasion (Story 83)


The Doctor and Sarah return to Earth in the present day to find a strangely deserted village and woods stalked by white-clad figures. (from

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Doctor Who: Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Story 71)


The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) arrives in a modern-day London under attack from prehistoric monsters in Invasion of the Dinosaurs, an infamous 1974 serial from the 11th season of the venerable British science fiction series Doctor Who. Though its dreadful puppet dinosaurs have the scorn of generations of fans, Invasion of the Dinosaurs does have an intriguing storyline in Operation Golden Age, a bizarre plot to return the Earth to the purity of its pre-human days through time-travel technology. As noted in the fine making-of featurette, People, Power and Puppets, which is featured on the set’s second disc, the ecological-extremism element lends much-needed gravity to the serial, as does a subplot involving UNIT captain Mike Yates (Richard Franklin), whose brainwashing by the supercomputer BOSS in 1973’s The Green Death makes him a willing accomplice to the Golden Age scheme. Of course, any semblance of verisimilitude goes out the window anytime Pertwee or companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) have to face off against the stiff rod-puppet saurians, but both actors shoulder the burden manfully, and Franklin makes the most of Yates’s brief moment in the spotlight. There’s no question that much of Invasion of the Dinosaurs is a misfire for the Pertwee-era Doctor, but by the same token, it’s also not the unmitigated disaster it’s been made out to be since its original airing.

The two-disc Invasion of the Dinosaurs set presents five of the serial’s six episodes in their original color presentation; as Who historians well know, episode one was erased as part of the BBC’s recurring practice of wiping tapes of past television shows, but a black-and-white 16mm work print was eventually unearthed, along with a scene not shown in the original broadcast that is included in the set’s brief collection of deleted scenes. Viewers can watch episode one in its monochromatic format or in a version that attempts to approximate the original broadcast color quality. Also included are two audio commentaries, one featuring director Paddy Russell, script editor Terrance Dicks, Yates, and several other cast and crew members, while the other offers John (Sgt. Benton) Levene’s observations on 10 minutes of Part Five. Now and Then revisits the serial’s extensive London locations, while Doctor Who Stories: Elisabeth Sladen Part 1presents the late actress’s lively recollections of her brief tenure as companion to Pertwee’s Doctor. The extras are rounded out by a clip from a broadcast of England’s long-running Billy Smart’s Circus that features Pertwee behind the wheel of the outrageous Whomobile, as well as a photo still gallery, a PDF of the Radio Times listings that can be viewed in DVD-ROM format, and the by-now standard production notes subtitle option. –Paul Gaita

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Fistful of Bullets – A Spaghetti Western Collection – 16 Films


Sixteen specially selected classic Western films starring Lee Van Cleef, Richard Harrison, Jack Palance, Klaus Kinski and many more!

You’ll be thrilled at the action, suspense, comedy and drama involved with this 16 film DVD set. Tiles include Apache Blood, Between God, the Devil and a Winchester, Beyond the Law, Death Rides a Horse, The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe, Find a Place to Die, Fistful of Lead, God’s Gun, Grand Duel, Gunfight at Red Sands, It Can Be Done Amigo, Johnny Yuma, Sundance and the Kid, This Man Can’t Die, Trinity and Sartana & Twice a Judas!

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A fun getaway turns into a journey to Hell for some teenage girls visiting an isolated house to rehearse and perform a play for their private movie club. Taking the trip with an adult chaperone, the girls learn that a previous club member supposedly went missing in the house, and another went insane! Shortly after they arrive, a mysterious videotape is found with footage of a violent killer wearing a Japanese deigan mask. Is this footage real or fake? Soon, their food and equipment disappears and one of the girls is haunted by ghostly visions of the masked demon. Someone or something is in the house, and gruesome death awaits those who cannot escape!

Synapse Films is proud to present Yôichi Nishiyama’s GUROZUKA, a stylized horror film in the tradition of SCREAM and genre-bending Japanese classic, THE RING!

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There s something seriously wrong in Kenneyville. When a young woman from Toronto goes missing and police mysteriously drop the case earlier than expected, two private detectives are hired to find her. With undercover aliases in hand, they head to the small town of Kenneyville for answers.

Kenneyville is filled with intense action, complex mystery, and acts as a metaphor for director Brooks Hunter’s personal experience with mental illness. A fantastic example of how innovative, independent filmmakers can create an epic adventure on a low budget!

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Caught in the middle of a menacing social experiment, a group of teenage heroin addicts barricades themselves in an abandoned farmhouse in order to kick the habit. But they must also overcome the murderous forces within the house, as well as the threat that is closing in from down the road. With nowhere to run, they must face their greatest fears and fight for their very survival…

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The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption


Since his triumphant rise to power in the original blockbuster The Scorpion King, Mathayus’ kingdom has fallen and he’s lost his queen to plague. Now an assassin for hire, he must defend a kingdom from an evil tyrant and his ghost warriors for the chance to regain the power and glory he once knew.  Starring Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and Billy Zane (Titanic), and featuring 6-time WWE® champion Dave Bautista and UFC® star Kimbo Slice, The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption takes The Mummy phenomenon to an all-new level of epic action and non-stop adventure!

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Shriek of the Sasquatch


Julie (Scarlet Salem, ”Strip Club Slasher”) and Nick (Donny Versiga, ”Sinister”) are on a road trip which derails after they become involved in a series of gruesome murders committed by what seems to be a large ape-like creature. Will either of them survive to learn the secret of the Sasquatch? ”Shriek of the Sasquatch” comes in the tradition of retro hits such as ”Grindhouse” and is packed with drive in-style fun from cult director Steve Sessions.

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The Summer of Massacre

Director-Writer, Joe Castro (Terror Toons 1&2, The Jackhammer Massacre) introduces another original tale — the first anthology slasher film which presents eight killers in 5 gorefest tales. Featuring Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre), Nick Principe (Laid to Rest), and Cleve Hall (Nightmare), plus a never before recorded gore epic body count with more than 150 onscreen deaths.

Ungodly brutal beatings turns Chris, a young man, into a fiend that sets off a bloody, like never before seen, rampage. Beauty is truly only skin deep – Watch a young paraplegic, whose body is also wrecked with spinal bifida, fight for her life as her older, beautiful sister tries to murder her.

It s been 36 years since Jesse s loving mother was raped by his biological father. Now, after hiding and running their entire lives in fear of this murderous rapist — He has found them! A group of Christian teenagers are stalked, maimed and burned by a local legend in a haunted forest.

Three legendary serial killers terrorize downtown Los Angeles by murdering countless innocent souls and the killer plan is to go out with a real bang.

There’s nothing like the sweltering heat of summer to set off a massacre. The Summer of Massacre is a 100 mph slasher ride that never slows down and is packed with enough gore and insanity to send you looking for your barf bag.

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