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Scream Factory Announces Several Popular Horror Films Coming to Blu-ray Next Year


Horror fans already have so many reasons to praise Scream Factory.  The genre related spinoff to Shout! Factory have released a number of titles that horror fans in the US have been clamoring to see on Blu-ray.  They Live, Terror Train, and Halloween III are just a few of the titles that made their Blu-ray debut this year thanks to the company.  Next year looks to be an even bigger year given the large amount of titles they have previously announced for release.  The company’s Facebook page have announced to fans every Friday new titles set for release for next year.  Given that this past Friday -Sunday was Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis, Scream Factory made a special announcement of some big name titles that they made public at the event as well as on their Facebook page.  Five highly popular films that fans of 80’s horror know and love will be making their debut on Blu-ray next year along with one previously released film on Blu-ray that will finally see a more extras packed collector’s edition.  Check out the titles below!


- THE FOG (1980): John Carpenter’s seaside ghostly revenge flick with Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis. New extras are in the works! First time on Blu-ray

- THE BURNING (1981): Summer Camp. Garden shears. Tom Savini effects. Need we say more? First time on Blu-ray

- THE HOWLING (1981): Joe Dante’s ultimate werewolf pic with superb Rob Bottin effects. First time on Blu-ray.

- LIFEFORCE (1985): Tobe Hooper’s space vampires and light-show extravaganza finally gets its first ever anamorphic widescreen presentation! First time on Blu-ray.

- NIGHT OF THE COMET (1984): Shopping and zombies highlight this post-Doomsday cult classic. First time on Blu-ray.

- DAY OF THE DEAD (1985): George Romero’s splattery undead classic gets a new collector’s edition with new extras.

Wow . . . wow  . . . WOW!  This is very exciting news for someone like me that would love to own collector’s editions of so many of these titles.  No specific release date is set just yet for the films other than some time in 2013.  Check back on their official website or Facebook page for more info as it becomes available.  I have included a list below of all the titles Scream Factory has already unveiled or will be in the near future.  Once again, I can’t be more grateful to a company like this that is taking the time to put together a solid release of these great films with new extras, great package artwork, and enhanced picture and sound.  The 80’s are alive and well at Scream Factory.

- Halloween II
– Halloween III
– Terror Train
– The Funhouse
– They Live
– The Island (12/11)
– Death Valley (12/11)
– Deadly Blessing (1/22)

- The Nest (2/19)
– Prison (2/19)
– TerrorVision/The Video Dead double feature ( 2/19)
– From Beyond (March)
– Phantasm II (March)
– Vampire Lovers (Date TBD)
– Town that Dreaded Sundown / The Evictors (Date TBD)
– The Incredible Melting Man (Date TBD)
– X-ray aka “Hospital Massacre” (Date TBD)
– Schizoid (Date TBD)
– The Godsend (Date TBD)
– Scanners II & Scanners III (Date TBD)
– The Horror Show (Date TBD)
– The Vagrant (Date TBD)
– The Fog (Date TBD)
– The Howling (Date TBD)
– Lifeforce (Date TBD)
– Night of the Comet (Date TBD)
– The Burning (Date TBD)
– Day of the Dead (Date TBD)



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