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The Dark Corner of the Toy Box: Moebius lets Elvira and Dracula out of the Coffin

The Dark Corner of the Toy Box is a new column here at DTB that will focus on collectibles, action figures, statues, and memorabilia, based around the types of movies, books, and video games we cover here on the site.

Moebius Models is a new company in comparison to some of the long-standing model companies, like Polar Lights, who have made an impression on kit-builders.  Yet their young age is in stark contrast to the old, classic companies they see as their major inspiration.  In 2005, Frank Winspur saw an opportunity to expand the industry he loved after his Florida store unfortunately closed.  After re- releasing a “Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde” model kit from the now defunct but legendary company Aurora, Moebius took its first step in the competition ring with fan favorite Polar Lights.  After unleashing model kits from such Universal Monsters as Frankenstein and The Invisible Man, Moebius is now on the brink of adding two legends to their monstrous line-up.  This June, sink your teeth into plastic versions of Elvira and Bela Lugosi’s Dracula.



After some delay due to the fitting of a neck piece, it seems Moebius is set to release their version of Bela Lugosi as Dracula from the Broadway production.  The new model kit will be released this June.  Many sites are now taking pre-orders for the kit which is set to be a hot-seller.  Like most of Moebius’ Monster kits, this version of Dracula includes a dramatic and detailed base for the menacing Count.  This is a 1/8 scale styrene model kit that needs some glue and paint to be fully completed.  The new detailed sculpt is being licensed through the Lugosi estate and not through Universal. They got around this by modeling him from his 1927 New York stage performance of Dracula rather than the movie.  This means that some small changes in his outfit have taken place.  What fans most likely will notice is missing from the Moebius Dracula is the medallion that is worn around his neck in the movie.  This small costume change is accurate to the stage production, which didn’t include the medallion.  Two versions of the kit will be available… a standard kit with the Lugosi figure and large base, then also as a deluxe kit with a female victim and additional pieces for the base.  Unfortunately there are no photos of the deluxe kit as of yet.  Also, worth noting, the deluxe version will not be available till later this year.  This is without a doubt the most accurate sculpt of Lugosi that has been released yet.  For you kit-builders, the standard edition, which is featured below, includes everything you see below for around only $35!  This once again proves, why Moebius is one of the main companies that is now leading the modeling industry.



The next creature of the night that will see the modeling light of day will be Elvira.  The buxom and saucy horror host will also see a 1/8 scale plastic sculpt that will be released this June.  For those looking for an “accurate” interpretation of Cassandra Peterson’s “assets,” you shouldn’t have a hard time looking and most likely will be pleasantly happy.  This sculpt got the official license and permission from the Mistress of Darkness herself.  Check out the photo below.



As you can see in the photo, this model also comes with the parts to lounge her on the red sofa accented with the cat, skulls, rug, and candlestick.  What is also apparent, more so in the photo seen below, is that the face has a slightly more “fun” and “cartoony” feel.  Though a more detailed and accurate face would be preferred, this face isn’t such a bad one to look at as well.  Like Dracula, this kit will put you back about $35 bones.  That’s a lot of plastic for that price . . . if you know what I mean.



Moebius is a great company that continues to surprise fans with their gorgeous sculpts and vast array of properties that they continue to acquire.  It is their determination to equal the success and popularity of their famous idol, Aurora Models, that keeps them going strong.  Anyone needs only to look at their iconic symbol, to see that they are modeling themselves off of the best.  Their blue,yellow, and red circle and font symbol is the same design that Aurora used in the 1960’s and 70’s when the company was at the height of their career. For info about these great new model kits or any other news regarding Moebius Model Kits, click HERE.

Before I pick up these new ones, I hope I have time to finish the Moebius Invisible Man kit that I purchased.  Below is a photo of that great kit as well.  As I finish up with my Invisible Man, make sure to keep reading Destroy the Brain! as we continue to explore this ever growing world that can only be found in The Dark Corner of the Toy Box!


Mine will be painted better. I promise!


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