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By Andy Triefenbach, August 28, 2013 1 Trailers

One film that I have been looking forward to this year is Jim Mickle’s We Are What We Are. I have been so impressed with Mickle’s work since I have seen Mulberry Street and my admiration continued with Stake Land. While We Are What… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, August 23, 2013 0 Trailers

Languishing from Stateside release for 7 years, Jonathan Levine’s excellent little slasher film, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, is finally getting a release this year. Sadly, it feels more like a pity release. As you may remember, the film… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, July 31, 2013 0 Trailers

Drafthouse Films quickly snatched up the film Cheap Thrills after positive reception was received at its premiere at SXSW. It went on to win the SXSW Midnighter Audience Award which was claimed by Attack the Block last year. Drafthouse Films will be releasing Cheap… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, July 10, 2013 3 Trailers

Once people heard that there would be an American adaptation of Oldboy, following the success of Park Chan-Wook’s adaptation in 2003, we were hesitant. After watching this trailer, I’m reminded that I could probably watch Brolin read the damn phone… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, June 27, 2013 0 Trailers

It’s short, sweet and badass. When Cormac McCarthy stated that he was writing a screenplay specifically for the screen and the man that chose to adapt it was Ridley Scott, I gotta admit that I was very excited. McCarthy has… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, June 27, 2013 0 Movie News, Trailers

One of the many questions you horror fiends might get from the normies is ‘Why do you like horror so much?’ I have run into many times that this question was posed to me. Sometimes I’m at a lost because… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, June 17, 2013 1 Trailers

There are times that I wish that I lived in LA as there is a film that I’m very interested in seeing called Delivery. It is premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival and it looks like a doozy. If… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, June 13, 2013 0 Trailers

I was a huge fan of 2006′s The Host directed by Joon-ho Bong as it was a great little monster movie that had a lot of heart & humor behind it. Like many Korean filmmakers, the transition to English-speaking films is… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, June 11, 2013 0 Trailers

Whether it be Meg from Arrested Development or the seven evil exes that get in his way in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Michael Cera’s characters has always had problems with the ladies. Magic Magic seems to take it in a different… Read More »

By Michael Haffner, February 19, 2013 1 Trailers

Having a handful of notable names behind a film doesn’t mean it’s going to see the light of day.  Look at what happened with Cabin in the Woods and Red Dawn.  Granted, there were bigger studio issue with those films that… Read More »

By Michael Haffner, February 18, 2013 1 Trailers

Over the past few years, horror fans have seen a resurgence of two former trends in the genre come back in a very big way: horror returning to television and anthology horror.  Just this month alone we were treated to… Read More »

By Michael Haffner, February 5, 2013 0 Movie News, Trailers

There’s been a lot of talk recently about new forms of technology and film presentation.  A variety of options now exist from 48 fps, Digital 3D, IMAX, and 70 mm.  The conversion over the years to these new formats from… Read More »

By Michael Haffner, February 4, 2013 0 Trailers

Regardless of some of the mixed reviews I read following the film’s premiere at TIFF last year, I was completely on board with Rob Zombie’s new film after watching the first trailer.  The striking imagery and operatic music seems to… Read More »

By Michael Haffner, February 4, 2013 0 Trailers

After having premiered at TIFF last year, Neil Jordan’s return to vampire lore looks to finally be heading our way.  Byzantium follows a mother and daughter vampire duo struggling to make ends meet. Interview With A Vampire may not be… Read More »

By Michael Haffner, January 24, 2013 0 Trailers

Japanese horror legend Hideo Nakata has made a name for himself with horror fans from around the world with Dark Water and Ringu.  Both of those films spawned American remakes and opened the floodgates for a HUGE wave of Asian… Read More »