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By Jeremy Jones, December 21, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

Jeremy should have watched anything other than BIKINI BLOODBATH CHRISTMAS.

By Jeremy Jones, December 20, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

The best movie you’ll watch all month, BLACK CHRISTMAS

By Jeremy Jones, December 19, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

It’s THE NIGHT OF THE COMET and the malls are open!

By Jeremy Jones, December 18, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

Jeremy gets stuck in P2. Should’ve taken the bus instead.

By Mike Hassler, December 17, 2014 0

Mike takes a look at the “final” movie in the Hobbit trilogy – The Battle of the Five Armies.

By Jeremy Jones, December 17, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

Jeremy can’t believe Wisconsin-based horror film featuring a glowing samurai, Blood Beat.

By Jeremy Jones, December 16, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

Jeremy says THE CHILDREN (2008) will make you think twice about having kids.

By Sarah Skidmore, December 16, 2014 0 DVD/Blu-Ray Releases, Home Invasion

Here are the new releases for December 16th, 2014. ZergNet

By Andy Triefenbach, December 16, 2014 0 Movie News

Six years ago, an actor named Christopher Denham made a tight little “found footage” film called Home Movie. I picked it up on a whim at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear/Toronto Fan Expo since it wasn’t available in America at the time…. Read More »

By Jeremy Jones, December 15, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

Jeremy laughs so hard during ELVES, he pukes.

By Jeremy Jones, December 14, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

Jeremy dives in to the rivers of blood in SILENT NIGHT.

By Jeremy Jones, December 13, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

Throughout the month of December, we will be highlighting a film a day that has some tie into the holiday somehow. Some titles will be obvious, others won’t be. Some films will be good and, again, others won’t be. However,… Read More »

By Chris Melkus, December 12, 2014 0 Comic Execution, Comics

Remember my review of Snowpiercer? Well, I do, and that’s all that matters, because I had a revelation recently about that comic-turned-movie. You see, at my place of employment, they’ve been showing holiday movies, as retail outlets are wont to… Read More »

By Jeremy Jones, December 12, 2014 0 Yuletide Terrors

Have you been naughty? Jeremy gets nasty w/ SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT

By Cherry Bombed, December 12, 2014 0 Coffin Couture

With less than 2 weeks to go, Cherry delivers a Holiday Gift Gide for horror fans!