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By Mike Hassler, October 30, 2014 0

Should you buy the ticket to see NIGHTCRAWLER after you made the money to buy it?

By Andy Triefenbach, October 30, 2014 0 Trailers

If you have even just a pinky toe in the horror community, you have probably heard about a film called Starry Eyes. Premiering earlier this year at SXSW and other festivals, Starry Eyes has garnered a lot of praise for… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, October 29, 2014 0 Late Nite Grindhouse

Late Nite Grindhouse presents SHOCK WAVES at the Hi-Pointe Theatre in St. Louis, MO on November 14th & 15th!

By Sarah Skidmore, October 28, 2014 0 DVD/Blu-Ray Announcements, DVD/Blu-Ray Releases, Home Invasion

Okay Ghouls and Gremlins! It’s nearly Halloween so it’s time to stock up on some flesh-tingling flicks to make your Samhain extra spooky. Here are your Blu-ray releases for Tuesday the 28th:   ZergNet

By Andy Triefenbach, October 27, 2014 0 Movie News

If you want to win this lottery, you have to enter the contest to get a ticket!

By Andy Triefenbach, October 27, 2014 0 Trailers

Being a fan of Jim Mickle’s work (Mulberry Street, Stake Land and, most recently, Cold in July), it’s hard not to dig Nick Damici as well. I also have a weakness for werewolf flicks so this latest film, Late Phases, sounds right… Read More »

By Chris Melkus, October 24, 2014 0 Comic Execution, Comics

ONE WEEK. SEVEN DAYS. My plans for the next seven days are, if I must say, pretty epic. First off, I’m going to be doing a special column for Destroy The Brain, in which I finally watch and review Halloween III and Halloween… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, October 24, 2014 0

This review was originally published during our Fantastic Fest 2014 Coverage. We are republishing it since John Wick is in… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, October 24, 2014 0

Does Andy say “Yes” or “No” to the question “Should I see Ouija (since it is the only new theatrical horror film for Halloween)?”

By Mike Hassler, October 23, 2014 0

“Picture this: The Evil Dead meets The CW,” is how I imagine the pitch for this went.  Co-written and directed… Read More »

By Cherry Bombed, October 23, 2014 0

The Movie Originally released in 1981, Dead Kids (released in the US as “Strange Behavior”), can now be seen in… Read More »

By Mike Hassler, October 23, 2014 0 Fantastic Fest 2014

My first journey to Austin, TX and the geek holy land of Fantastic Fest was a whirlwind. Book ended with exhausting, 14 hour drives, the trip as a whole was just mind blowing, inspiring, and so much fun. Bonding with… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, October 23, 2014 0 Trailers

We were pretty favorable on Insidious and even though Insidious: Chapter 2 had some issues, it was still a fun ride. Director James Wan has stepped aside and writer/actor Leigh Whannell is in the director’s chair now. We still have… Read More »

By Andy Triefenbach, October 21, 2014 0 Movie News

Here’s a new trailer for the POV 4th of July thriller, ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE’.

By Sarah Skidmore, October 21, 2014 0 DVD/Blu-Ray Releases, Home Invasion

This week we don’t have as many new releases, but there’s still some great titles coming out. I’m particularly excited for the second Vincent Price Blu-ray collection which includes “House on Haunted Hill.” Who doesn’t love sassy billionaire playboy Vince… Read More »